LiveMore inspires, motivates, and empowers our clients with the safest and most effective life-saving and christ-centered therapy aimed at adopting habits for restoring normal body function, assisting to make a well-informed medical decision, and preventing the dangers of chronic terminal diseases. Our records are good for Cancers, Diabetes, Addictions, heart, kidney and liver diseases. Individuals make decisions every day that have an effect on their fitness, health and wellness. They frequently are unaware of how their choices may raise or lower their risks. Our Lifestyle therapy relies on disciplines to assist clients in making better lifestyle decisions to prevent, manage, and improve chronic disease, with an emphasis on diet, fitness, habits, behavior, and support.

Once patients are diagnosed with  a chronic disease, they can expect to go through difficult and uncertain times. It is important that patients experience that they are not alone in this journey. We see ourselves as innovators in healthcare, with the aim of providing optimum care and converting scientific research  into daily practice . The values and qualities that guide the culture of the organization to realize the goals are: passion and dedication Not because it is our work, but because it is a calling.  Good personal care for a patient can truly mean something in the life of someone else. In that regard, it concerns integrity and respect: every patient is unique  and has the right to respect and personalized care. When someone becomes seriously ill, his/her dependence increases, respect and self-esteem are vital. An equivalent collaboration between the patient and medical specialist based on autonomy must contribute to that end. With the financial  model behind LiveMore, our clients with limited financial resources receive support from the foundation  to continue  treatment without the challenge of finance.

Our treatment plan is drawn up with the patient to provide insight into the illness and give hope for the future. This approach offers more than just personalized care; it increases the patient’s level of self- reliance and control over the actual decisions in the treatment and the timing thereof. The integration of care, the combination of care with science and research, and placing the patient at the center of attention makes us number one in treatment of chronic terminal illnesses.

                                                                                 WHY YOU MAY  NEED OUR SERVICES.

The most common reasons you may need our services include:

  1. You want a permanent solution to your health through lifestyle therapy  options.
  2. You want a clearer understanding of your test results and what they indicate.
  3. You have followed your doctor’s treatment plan, but your symptoms persist.
  4. You require assistance in managing the treatment’s or its side effects.
  5. If you believe your doctor is exaggerating the seriousness of your disease.
  6. You have cancer, kidney disease, liver disease or other terminal illness
  7. The condition or its treatment could have long-term implications.
  8. You are unable to speak effectively with your doctor.
  9. You do not understand your doctor’s explanations.
  10. Your doctor is unsure of the disease, it treatment or stages.
  11. You believe your doctor’s decision may not be completely independent.
  12. Your own research contradicts what your doctor informed you.
  13. Your doctor only mentions one treatment option.
  14. You want to be sure you’ve been presented with all possible diagnoses and treatments
  15. You believe another alternative treatment option is available for your illness.
  16. You want to be certain that you’ve done all possible to achieve the finest potential health results.

We give individualized lifestyle therapy solutions that are  Research based and clinically proven to assist these patients and family prevent, manage, and improve chronic disease. LiveMore achieves outstanding results for chronic or Terminal  lifestyle diseases through a unique combination of complementary lifestyle products with diet plans. Our unique protocols are designed to aggressively regenerate new body cells, promote healing and reverse chronic diseases.  To ensure our clients best health, we attend to them with the greatest respect, human decency, urgency and honor. We inspires, motivates and empower clients with the safest and most effective lifestyle prescriptions  and life saving information aimed to promote good health, restore normal body functions and prevent  diseases. Our evidence based consultations, either online or in person  offers full range of resources to detect the source and restore  normal body function. 

We aim to naturally boost immunity, regenerate new stronger cells, increase energy production and to restore the integrity of the human body leading to recovery from the   diseases irrespective of the stage of the disease. Our care program offers full range of resources necessary for earlier detection and treatment with results you can trust. The most common Terminal lifestyle diseases cases we often work  on  with  results you can trust are:  

  1. Cardiovascular diseases 
  2. Stroke
  3. Diabetes
  4. Cancer
  5. Chronic respiratory diseases
  6. chronic Kidney diseases
  7. Obesity
  8. Hypertension
  9. Auto immune diseases
  10. Hypothyroidism
  11. Asthma
  12. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases
  13.  Osteoporosis
  14. Metabolic syndrome
  15. Fatty Liver disease
  16. Infertility
  17. Cirrhosis
  18. Addictions
  19. weight loss
Aside from curative care, services are offered to stimulate current and former patients to feel better about themselves and to gain strength. In addition, there are support programs and groups where the patient can receive peer support. There are also financial programs that offer help in arranging an income and healthcare or other insurance. Other services , for instance, are the health services , including dental care , mental care and dieticians. There is also help for ethical issues and spiritual care is also offered. The aim of all these programs is to provide support for current and former patients in dealing with their illness. To provide them with further support in dealing with the consequences of their treatment.