LiveMore achieves outstanding  results through a unique combination of lifestyle medicine,  alternative, and holistic  therapies. Our unique protocols are designed to help our adopt habits that prevent  and reverse chronic disease. The protocols helps the body to aggressively  regenerate new stronger cells while simultaneously detoxifying the body, resulting in healing of the body.

The number one trusted health facility to restore normal body functions naturally is LiverMore. Our team of dedicated professionals with the right knowledge and years of clinical experience uses natural regenerative approach to restore body functions and  boost immunity. Each year, LiveMore helps hundreds of  patients meet the challenge of their diseases head-on. Our care program offers full range of resources necessary to detect and naturally treat chronic diseases. An exceptional number of our clients have successfully been taken out of all forms of hash conventional treatments. We are highly dedicated to the treatment of advanced and standard therapy-resistant health challenges. An exceptional number of  advanced chronic disease patients achieved complete long-term normal body function and remained disease free.

We focus on treating both the disease in the person and the person with the disease. Our whole-body treatment philosophy addresses each individual’s mind, body and spirit, offering a compressive natural healing protocol aimed at empowering clients to live healthy. We take a collaborative approach and work alongside each clients to empower them to increase their longevity and to create self-sustaining healthy lifestyle habits leading to long term health investment in restoring the body to its normal functions. Our world class  holistic natural  treatments offers scientifically proven protocols with superior technology that delivers trusted results.

The Cellular regenerative protocol we offer empowers and prepares our clients for life after diseaseWe believe the body should never be the only focal point of any effective protocol. Emotional strength is a critical piece that has huge impact on patient responds to treatment that will enable him or her to achieve minimum medical thresholds.  We are determined to provide the kind of support that strengthens the patient’s emotional and mental framework. This is what I mean when we say we want to be your partner in healing.  A natural healing partnership is about the doctor making the best recommendation possible, and patient having the right to decide what is best for him or her based on the trust physician and the patient share.