LiveMore  inspires, motivates and empower clients with the safest and most effective lifestyle prescriptions  and life saving information aimed to promote good health, restore normal body functions and prevent  diseases. Our  evidence based one -on-0ne consultations, either online or in person service offers full range of resources  to detect the source and restore diseases and all its associated conditions.

The LiveMore cellular regenerative protocols aims to naturally boost immunity, regenerate new body cells, increase energy production and to restore the integrity of the human cells leading to recovery from disease irrespective of the stage or type of it. We work with clients based on evidence and clinical  guidelines to adjust  daily habits and actions for the prevention and treatment of chronic metabolic disease such as Cancer, Diabetes, heart, Liver disease, high cholesterol and kidney diseases.

These diseases although serious, but not hopeless. The good news is, stopping and reversing these disease is possible through lifestyle, habit adjustment and nutritional treatments. LiveMore Health Restoration Programe  is the only  program  to save your health naturally with guaranteed results through a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to diet, nutrition and wellbeing.  Our unique protocols are designed to help you adopt habits that prevent, fight  and reverse chronic metabolic diseases and all its associated complications such as anemia, insomnia and hypertension. The protocols helps the body to aggressively  regenerate new stronger cells while simultaneously detoxifying the body, resulting in healing of the body.

A number of our clients have successfully been taken out   chemotherapy,  radiation, dialysis, kidney  transplant list and  other forms of hash treatments. It came from studying hundreds of peer-reviewed journals, clinical trials, and other medical literature to develop this all-natural program. Our whole-body treatment philosophy addresses each individual’s mind, body and spirit, offering a compressive  healing protocol aimed at empowering clients to live healthy. We take a collaborative approach and work alongside each clients to empower them to increase their longevity and to create self-sustaining healthy lifestyle habits leading to long term health investment in restoring the body to its normal functions that delivers trusted results

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