Who We Are

Our Mission

LiveMore has been established with a mission to provide the safest, science-based  and regenerative natural treatment for chronic diseases for all sections of the society with a humanitarian touch, whilst maintaining high global standards of ethical practices and professional competence.


Each year, LiveMore helps hundreds of  patients meet the challenge of their diseases head-on. Our care program offers full range of resources necessary to detect and naturally treat chronic diseases. An exceptional number of our clients have successfully been taken out of all forms of hash conventional treatments. We are highly dedicated to the treatment of advanced and standard therapy-resistant health challenges. An exceptional number of  advanced chronic disease patients achieved complete long-term normal kidney function and remained disease free.

Our patients don’t only recover, but thrive. It’s not only what we do, but how we empower patients to get educated, go back home and live healthy over all the different types and stages of  diseases irrespective of what caused it. At LiveMore, we strongly   believe in patient-oriented care not just suppressing symptoms of disease. We provide our clients and their families with unfailing science based services and supports systems with focus on meeting their health needs as best as possible with natural products and services that are scientifically proven, internationally accepted and locally endorsed. This innovative approach combines nutrition, detoxification, well- researched botanical or herbal interventions and other natural treatment modalities along with conventional healthcare. The individual treatment plans increases the regenerative potentials of the body for better integrative solution.

Over the years, it has been our honour to partner with our patients and their families as they seek to restore quality of life and significance increase in their longevity. To be invited into a person’s inner circle of confidence in spite of physical, emotional and spiritual vulnerability is something we take very seriously. I believe the patient doctor relationship is sacred. We  inspired by the Holy Spirit to be part of a patient’s support system. It is my privilege to hope for those who cannot find the strength to hope for themselves. We work with clients who consider a cure to be the only acceptable outcome of our treatment and that is not compromise.


Richard Anane Appiah is a renowned authority in lifestyle medicine  from Harvard Medical school, Boston, United States,  Certified Alternative medical Practitioner, from  Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata, India, a nutritional  medicine therapist from School of Natural Health Science, London, United Kingdom   and  a  member of  American college of lifestyle medicine and   Accreditation Council for Alternative and Traditional Medicine.

With home grown managerial talent, He is currently working to transform LiveMore Health Consults into a global  health and wellness destination. He has documented track records of health improvement and disease prevention among individuals and groups informed by the most current evidence based scientific research. His ability to provide natural solutions that lead to healing with high degree of integrity has become his brand. 

He leverages his avid love for learning and mastery of technology to facilitate healthy lifestyle among individuals and groups. Anane has experience in carrying out a range of tasks including individualized natural treatment and support, corporate or organizational wellness, seminars and workshops. His seminars are not ordinary: they backed by hard research, each presentation is packed with simple action taking steps tailored towards the individual health and wellness needs.


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