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Richard Anane Appiah is a renowned authority in lifestyle medicine from Harvard Medical school, Boston, and a senior executive at LiveMore LTD. He delivers inspiration and practical advice  to help his clients  maximize the power of their health and adopt health sustaining habits for restoring normal body function and prevention disease.

LiveMore have been operating with family values and military precision at high success rate since its inception in 2019 for  chronic metabolic diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, heart, Kidney and Liver diseases.

His over ten thousand hours of personalized study in cellular biology, Renal sciencenutritional biochemistry, regenerative medicine, and Culinary medicine earned him documented track records of  health improvement and restoration among his clients informed by the most current evidence based scientific research. 

His ability to provide natural Lifestyle solutions that fight these Diseases  at cellular level for a number his clients with high degree of integrity has become his brand. He writes for the chronicle news paper and the Ghanaian publisher Newspapers as a freelancer.  


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