CANCER'S MOST effective natural treatments

LiveMore achieves outstanding cancer treatment results through a unique combination of traditional, alternative, and holistic cancer therapies. Our unique protocols are designed to aggressively eliminate cancer cells while simultaneously detoxifying the body, resulting in fewer negative side effects  from conventional treatments options.

Cancer persists as a plague in modern society. Conventional Cancer treatments are often feared as much as the disease itself. Cancers develop as a result from excessive multiplication of normal body cells resulting in the formation tumors that subsequently reduce normal function of the affected organ. It is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in a body. The most affected body organs are breast, prostate, liver, kidney, throat, stomach, pancreas cervix and the bone numbering over 200 types of cancer.

Your number one trusted health facility to shrink tumors, boast immunity effectively with diet plans naturally is LiverMore. Our team of dedicated professionals with the right knowledge and years of clinical experience uses natural regenerative approach to restore kidney functions, remove kidney stones and fight kidney infections as well.  The LiveMore  cellular regenerative protocols aims to naturally  boost immunity, regenerate new kidney cells, increase energy production and to restore the integrity of the human cells leading to recovery from the  cancers irrespective of the stage of the disease. 

A neoplasm, or tumor, is an abnormal new growth of cells. These diseases have the capacity to invade adjacent normal tissues and to spread to sites distant from the original location of disease. These two properties,

(1) Invasion and destruction of normal tissues at the site of origin and

(2) Growth at distant sites of spread (metastasis), distinguish the malignant cells of a cancer from the cells that comprise benign (or nonmalignant) growths.

How do you know if you have cancer?

Signs and symptoms of cancer depend on the specific type and grade of cancer; although general signs and symptoms are not very specific the following can be found in patients with different cancers:

  1. fatigue
  2. weight loss
  3. pain
  4. skin change
  5. change in bowel or bladder function
  6. unusual bleeding
  7. persistent cough or voice change
  8. fever
  9. Lumps or tissue masses.

The ideal task of our natural cancer treatments is to restore the normal function of the entire organism using nutrition, oxygenation and patents natural products that removes bad cancerous cells from the body.

Chemotherapy and modern drugs for treatment of cancer reported more side effects in the patients treated making it a high risk treatment option. Studies have consistently linked abundant consumption of fruits and vegetables to a reduction of the risk of developing several types of cancer.

Our natural Treatment protocols vary according to the type and stage of the cancer. Most treatment protocols are designed to fit the individual patient’s disease. However, most natural treatments include at least one of the following and may include all: nutrition, oxygenation, potent natural products and lifestyle modification.

Request an appointment for the most effective natural treatment the highest safety that deliver results you can trust if you have any of the signs and symptoms above or have been diagnosed already by your doctor.

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