Assessment Protocols

This service employs the best of modern science to examine, assess and evaluate the current health condition of our clients. Valid and reliable assessment tool are used to assist in the assessment of the common symptoms experienced by our clients. We are provided with information about how your are feeling by the time these Therapy are completed. This protocol is designed to assist in the assessment of symptoms and their impact  on your current health challenges.  Three main  phases of these protocols are used for our clients:

1. Symptoms assessment– In this section, our client tell our expects their experiences with the condition as far as they can remember.  Their ability to recollect facts, signs  and symptoms are gathered to find out the link it has to their health and general wellbeing.

2. Physical assessment- Our expects examines the clients skin, eyes, posture, hair and all other physical examinations that are necessary  in determine current health status of our clients. 

3. Metabolic Profile– This is where medical records from laboratory, ultrasound scan, x-rays and all other biomedical data of our clients are conducted or examined to complete the assessment phase. 

Neutralisation Protocols

Based on results obtained from the assessment phase, a well researched and potent set of natural products, nutritionals and Natural  products are selected to disable and remove  the effect any  toxins or microbe present that is interfering with normal body functions. Most of our clients were told that their  disease is terminal and that they have but a few months to live. Yet, an incredible high percentage of them have recovered from the condition in neutralization phase of our treatment protocol.

Good nutrition is integral to recovery from disease, especially in a disease state. This is crucial in  recovery mainly due to the fact that toxins and infections hijack and subsequently siphon off nutrients intended for healthy cells to regenerate. The concept of  neutralization ensures required nutrients are available to the cells in their right proportions to disable or destroy all toxins, infections and poisonous  chemicals in the body . 

Cellular Regenerative Protocols

The goal of regenerative medicine is to support the body to grow replacement tissue or organs for patients who have sustained an injury or have had a disease that permanently damaged their tissue and cells.  World class natural and nutritional products with diet plans of  international acceptance and local endorsements with the capacity to regenerate new kidney cells are carefully selected based on the individual needs. This phase  will provides our clients the products and nutrition required by the body for regenerative purposes.